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Beat the Heat! Cool destination in Nagano

Hi everyone!

It’s getting hot in Tokyo and rainy season has just started.

Have you been to Nagano before?

As you may know, Nagano is famous as a place for skiing and snowboarding in winter,

but it is a perfect place for camping in summer as well!

Kurohime, it's in north part of Nagano prefecture and it takes 2 hours from Tokyo by trains.

Kurohime is a plateau under Mt. Kurohime, which is called "Mt. Fuji in Shinano".

and it’s known for its spectacular mountain scenery!

You can also enjoy beautiful flowers there, like double cherry blossom (八重桜)in spring, skunk cabbage (水芭蕉) in early summer, and cosmos flower (秋桜) in autumn.

Kurohime is one of my favorite places to get out of the metropolitan heat!

Every summer I go there with my friends but I've never gotten bored,

so I'm going to introduce two places you must visit.

"Lake Nojiri” ”野尻湖"

Taking ferry in Nojiri lake is so refreshing!

The view from the ferry is spectacular and the wind feels nice.

Before coming back to the stop, you can land on a little island called Benten island. I recommend to go up the stairs and enjoy the stillness around the small shrine.

Ferries depart the stop once a hour, and the price starts at ¥1,100.

”Naena Falls” ”苗名滝”

Naena Falls is selected as one of One Hundred Waterfalls of Japan with its powefulness.

The total height is 55 m, and you would love this beautiful falls.

Also, we enjoyed the foods very much,

I highly recommend to visit Kurohime with your friends, partner, and family!

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