Beef bowl

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Hi everyone!

Do you know "Beef bowl"or "Gyudon"that Japanese food.

It is fast food like hamburger in Japan.

There are some big chain beef bowl restaurant.

"Yoshinoya"and "Matsuya"and "Sukiya"and more...

They have some difference between restaurant.

If you will order Beef bowl at Matsuya,You can have Miso soup without additional charge.

I used to go there a lot when I was student.

By the way you can have beef bowl in abroad.

In Hongkong!

There were in Australia but already it has gone.

Actually the style of restaurant is different between Overseas and Japan.

If you would like to have Beef bowl in Japan,you need to buy ticket or take a seat and then order dishes.

It is common style in Japan.

How about Hongkong?

You can order like a hamburger shop.

And most biggest difference is drink that having with beef bowl.

Japanese people have beef bowl with hot tea or spring water.

If you will order beef bowl at somewhere overseas,you can have it with Cola!

It sound weird for Japanese but should be nice.

I felt something wrong with it.

Anyway Beef bowl is super good food!

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