Hi, everyone!

Today, I will show you Asakusa that is very popular with tourists in Tokyo.

Asakusa has been a busy downtown area since 18th century, and here was one of the busiest cultural center which has many theaters and cinemas before World War Ⅱ.

This is Kaminarimon that is the main gate of the temple Sensoji.

There is a Japanese rikisha stop in front of Kaminarimon, so it might be fun to look around Asakusa with rikisha.

The shopping street from Kaminarimon to the temple is called Nkamise Street, it is filled with many tourists even on the weekday.

The buildings in the temple are illuminated every night, you can also enjoy quiet and relaxed atmosphere that is completely different from the daytime.

There are 2 huge famous events in Asakusa, Sanja-matsuri(festival) and the fireworks by Sumida river.

Since here has been downtown area since 18th century, there are some old restaurants that serve Sushi, Tempura, Eels and loaches.

It might be fun exploring around the area and find your own favorite place by yourself.

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