Akihabara Otaku town part!

Hi everyone!

I introduced electric town before. Today I would like to introduce otaku culture town part in Akihabara. You can be there with train from our place. If you have enough energy,you can walk to be there.

There are lots of billboard of Anime in front of the station!

If you would like to buy something of manga or anime,you'd better to go Animate in Akihabara.

Landmark of Akihabara called "Radio hall"! The building renewed few years ago.

Maid cafe is popular in Akihabara! A lot of guys want to go there once in their life maybe. By the way I went there but now I'm okay already. It was tough for the one who shy,but you can make good memory at there I guess.

You can see maid even on the street.

Of course you can buy figure or doll. I'm also colecting guitar figure.I can use much time here.

There is big department shop of otaku culture. It's too big to see all even one building.

There is theater that you can watch idol concert in Akihabara. You can listen idol who made huge sales in Japan at here!

This is cosplay shop! It seems only for adult but should be fun. 

Why not to go if you will come to Tokyo!

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