Akihabara electric town part!

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce Electric town of Akihabara.

Just few minute by train from us.If you have enough energy,you can walk to Akihabara!

Nowadays,Akihabara is famous as Otaku culture town like manga or anime.

But still electric town is there!

There are lots of big electric shops and small shops.

The arcade makes me exciting!

How about you?

I really love this atmosphere!

There are radio shops and parts shops and more!

Someone who built audio must love this town!

I can walk around few hours because I like to crafting like I made some In Ear Monitor(Earphone)before.

Of course there aren't only maniac stuff.

You can buy consumer electronics what you want here!

There are some delivery company in Akihabara.

No need to bothering about shopping bags you bought!

Akihabara has another part but I would like to introduce at another time!

See you then!

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