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Akasaka Palace

Hello everyone! It's been a cool day despite July. How are you? We welcome our guests with measures against COVID-19!

Now, I would like to introduce the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace. The State Guest House is a facility where a state guest, such as a foreign head of state or the head of a government, can have a dinner and entertain when Japanese government welcomes them. And also, a dinner party may be held with the Emperor, the Imperial Family.

The State Guest House, Akasaka Palace, was designed in 1909 by Tokuma Katayama and was also referred to Buckingham Palace in England and Versailles Palace in France. Therefore, not only the exterior, but also the details of the interior are luxuriously decorated, making it a magnificent structure. The beauty is popular and has welcomed various foreign guests for a long time.

Though it is such a sophisticated facility, the general public can also visit it! The main building and garden with luxurious Western-style interiors and the Japanese-style annex and garden with beautiful Japanese-style interiors are provided with audio guides for everyone to enjoy. You can visit the main building at the reception desk on the day without making a reservation, so you can feel free to participate.

The access is good, about a 7-minute walk from Yotsuya Station, and there are also some cafes nearby, so you can enjoy it gracefully.

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