A Vietnamese's restaurant nearby【Little Saigon Kitchen】

Hi everyone!

How are you?

What do you plan to eat when you visit Tokyo?

Sushi, Ramen, or Yakiniku, Yoshinoya, McDonalds, etc...

One of the questions that frequently asked at our front desk is;

"Is there a good restaurant nearby?"

And my answer is... Yes, there is!!

This is my favorite! Just 2 mins from our hotel!

Vietnamese pho!

Do you like cilantro (coriander)??

I like it so much that I usually order an extra cilantro.

This is called Bun Bo Hue, a bowl of beef pho.

Have you ever had pho noodle?

It's made from rice and the soup is not as heavy as ramen.

The restaurant staff are Vietnamese people, so you can taste real Vietnamese food!!

There are many restaurants around our hotel, we will keep informing you on this blog, so please updated!!

Have a nice day!


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