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【Shibuya (Aoyama/Omotesando) area】COBI COFFEE


This article’s about a café at Omotesando area (a.k.a. Shibuya, Aoyama area) , where you can go from our home station--Ueno station, without transfer.

The café’ is located in Kotto (Antique)-dori street, across from Ladurée Aoyama branch.

(It’s worth wondering around Kotto-dori street, if you fancy antique goods. Each of the shops at the street features variety of goods, which were carefully handpicked by the owners.)

This café’s sharing some space with the shop called BLOOM & BRANCH.

As soon as entering COBI COFFEE, you will realize that their specialties are hand drip coffees, since inside is full of the scent of coffee.

Photo:Cheese cake & Original Blend(Coffee)

Original Blend is light roast coffee—tasting a little bitter, but a bit sweet. However, you can clearly sense the scent of coffee. It tastes much better with cheese cake. Ideal menu for light dessert.

What also makes COBI COFFEE special is limited menus offered almost a month basis.

For instance, in summer, they’ve featured shaved ice decorated with seasonal fruits.

And the most recent limited menu is…

Photo:Strawberry Parfait(limited menu on February)

Strawberry parfait was offered as the limited menu---strawberry fruits, Cheese cream, Pistachio harmonize perfectly within it. They crafted parfait one by one in absolutely careful way after each order.

Some hand-dripped coffee and desserts are available for to-go---which will be the perfect companies for dwelling around Aoyama/Omotesando area!

If you’d like to escape from hustle and bustle in Tokyo, Aoyama Kotto street and KOBI COFFEE is highly recommended.


5-10-5, Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo, 107-0062

Business hours:11:00-21:30(Weekdays)、11:00-21:00(Weekend & Holidays)

Access:2 mins walk from B1 exit, Omotesando station, Ginza line (Tokyo Metro)/ 13 mins walk from B1 exit, Shibuya station, JR Yamanote line

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