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【JR Koenji station】Café Hattifnatt

It’s been a while !

I’ll show you the café, which may be a great option if you have any plan to take JR Chuo line.

Featuring Tokyo station, Shinjuku station, JR Chuo Line is full of attractions.

Among them “Suginami-saneki (3 stations on JR Chuo line of Suginami district)” are often represented with instagrammable cafes; I’ll show you “Café Hattifnatt” near from one of the 3 stations, “Koenji” (2 stations away from Shinjuku). Here’s a photo of the entrance.

Right after going beyond this cute little door…

Picturesque & fairy-tale-like interior comes ! (Tables for more than 5 people available).

You can enjoy mainly pizza, pasta, taco rice (Traditional dish in Okinawa, consisting of American tacos ingredients and rice) etc.

Taco rice: Appropriate for group of 3-4 people.

Pizza- seasoned cod roe (Mentaiko), sliced rice cake and cheese on top:

Artistic & fabulous combination of these three.

Each one’s hand-made and tasty, what makes this café outstanding is its unique beverage and

(Anti-clockwise from the center) ”Coffee milk flavored cocktail”, ”Caramel milk (non-alcoholic)”, “Tea of the night (Cocktail)”, “Ginger-Ale of the night (Cocktail)”. I’ve tried “Ginger-Ale of the night (Cocktail)”, made up of Ginger Ale and Amaretto(Almond jelly-flavored Liquor). Seems a little bit peculiar, but tastes sweet and refreshing !

Dive into the retro world :)

Hattifnatt Koenji

2-18-10, Koenji-Kita, Suginami, Tokyo, 166-0002

5 min walk from JR Chuo line Koenji station

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