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【Enjoying Fresh Air】Where to walk around in Japan/overseas #1

How have you been during quarantine?

This pandemic is still keeping us from going out or traveling for leisure. It is of course essential to avoid non-essential outing and to stay alerted about coronavirus, but frequent outing for exercise is also vital. In this article, I listed some places where are quite ideal for taking a walk.

Ueno Park is absolutely the option when taking a light walk (It’s 10-15 min walk from us). Here’s a fraction of landscape, when entering the park and walking down toward Tokyo Metropolitan Museum:

When weather’s fine, you may see a beautiful contrast between the color of sky and fountains.

I looked up the sky on the day the photo above was taken, to realize how blue & broad it is. Doesn’t it seem like a lucky charm?

Fresh green also welcomes you in summer season (It will be a temporary shelter from humidity and heat of the season)

Please go and enjoy an urban open space, which may heal you well.

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